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5" Alive Minnow: Natural Shad (5 pack)

5" Alive Minnow: Natural Shad (5 pack)


The Awgul Fishing 5" Alive Minnow is an extremely natural soft plastic swimbait that's made to look exactly like the prey that big bass favor! This bait can be fished as a swim jig trailer, as a spinnerbait trailer, on a jig head, or however else you can imagine fishing it! Try a pack of Awgul Fishing 5" Alive Minnows today and start making memories on the water that will last a lifetime!



-Length: 5"

-Color: Natural Shad *Color may vary slightly from picture

-Quantity: 5

-Made in the USA


Reccomended Swim Jig Pair:

-Awgul Fishing 1/4 oz Alive Swim Jig: Natural Shad

-Awgul Fishing 3/8 oz Alive Pulse Jig: Natural Shad


Reccomended Spinnerbait Pair:

-Awgul Fishing 3/8 oz Alive Spinnerbait: Natural Shad


Reccomended Jig Head Gear:

-Awgul Fishing 3/8 oz Ball Head Jigs (3 pack)

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