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What Do We Need To Bring On Our Fishing Charter?


The only thing that you MUST bring is a valid PA Fishing License. All anglers 16 years old or older must purchase a PA fishing license. Anglers 16 years old or older will not be allowed to touch a fishing rod on my boat without bringing their valid PA fishing license with them to their fishing charter. Click here to learn more about acquiring a PA Fishing License


Here's a list of some things you might want to bring with you to your charter:


1.) Water bottles and sports drinks

2.) Snacks and food

3.) Weather appropriate clothing and outerwear (Remember it can get extra cold, windy, and wet on the lake especially when driving fast in the boat)

4.) Sun protection (Including sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, neck buffs, and other sun protective clothing)

5.) Your fishing rods (Optional) *Anthony's boat has enough space for as many fishing rods as you'd like to bring!

6.) Your tackle box (Optional) *Anthony's boat has enough space for as much fishing tackle as you'd like to bring!


What Do We Fish For?


On our fishing charter, we'll be targeting largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. However, we sometimes also catch musky, striped bass, walleye, catfish, panfish, and other Pennsylvania warm water fish species. If you have a special request to target species other than largemouth bass or smallmouth bass, please mention that when booking your fishing charter. 


Will I Get Sea Sick on the Boat?

Both Lake Nockamixon and Blue Marsh Lake are relatively small lakes and boating conditions are rarely "choppy" or "rough." Considering the fact that my boat has an extra large deck and there aren't really ever rolling waves on these lakes, there is a very slim chance that you'll get sea sick. I have never had someone get sea sick on my boat before yet.

Can We Keep The Fish We Catch?

On my boat we practice catch, photograph, and release sportfishing ONLY with no exceptions. On occasion, we may temporarily store keeper sized fish in my boat’s aerated livewells for pictures at the end of our fishing charter or to revive the fish before releasing it. However, we will be releasing all of these fish back alive into the lake afterwards.

What Do We Use For Bait?

We typically only use artificial lures in true bass sportsmanlike fashion. When targeting bass, oftentimes artificial lures are designed to be far more effective and efficient than live bait. If you make a special request to bring your own live bait, it may be permitted as long as you don’t make a mess on my boat with it and/or prevent us from efficiently and effectively targeting bass. If young children are part of your group, I may be especially willing to allow you to bring your own live bait to target panfish.

I have developed my own custom line of bass fishing lures & tackle that I use everyday on the water to help my clients and I catch bass! I exclusively provide my clients with Awgul Fishing branded lures and tackle and you can familiarize yourself with the baits we'll be using on your charter by clicking here. 

Does Our Guide Fish With Us?

Anthony Awgul's priority on your fishing charter is to help you and your fishing buddies catch fish, learn new fishing skills and techniques, and make memories on the water that will last a lifetime. At the start of every fishing charter, Anthony will ask your group if you want him to fish with you or if you'd prefer if he didn't fish. 

Many clients prefer to let Anthony fish with them so he can demonstrate his favorite fishing techniques and tactics. By allowing Anthony to fish on your charter, he can help locate constantly moving fish and help "dial in the unique bite" for the day to help everyone catch more fish. When Anthony fishes and hooks a fish, he'll often hand off his rod to a member of the group to reel in. When the bite gets hot, Anthony will back off out of the way to give you the best opportunity to catch the fish!

Can We Bring Alcohol on Our Charter?

Alcohol is not allowed on my boat because alcohol is prohibited and illegal on the site of Lake Nockamixon State Park and Blue Marsh Lake. If I discover that you have brought alcohol or illegal drugs on my boat, I must immediately end your fishing charter and take you back to the dock without any refund or credit.

Can You Guarantee That We Will Catch Fish?

I only guarantee what is in the boundaries of my control. While I wish I could guarantee that all of my clients would catch fish on every fishing charter, this is unfortunately beyond of my control. However, it is my commitment to execute on the aspects of your fishing charter that I can control! I assure you that I will use my 22 years of fishing experience to try to help every angler catch fish. I will do my best to teach everyone on board how to be a more successful angler and have greater future fishing success. I will do my best to make sure you and your fishing buddies have an exciting and enjoyable adventure and make memories on the water that will last a lifetime. If you are not satisfied with your fishing charter experience, I will make it right. 

Should I Book A Charter on Lake Nockamixon or Blue Marsh Lake?


Lake Nockamixon and Blue Marsh Lake can both be excellent fisheries. While both lakes are similar in size, each lake is extremely different from the other. If you're looking to catch bigger fish and are content with only using my boat's electric trolling motor to navigate while fishing (Since there's a horsepower restriction on this lake that limits us to the electric trolling motor only), then I'd recommend Lake Nockamixon. If you're looking to catch a greater quantity of fish and capitalize on the full bass boat experience but are content with bass of smaller average size, I'd recommend Blue Marsh Lake. Whichever lake you decide to try fishing, I will ensure you and your fishing buddies have a memorable, exciting, and educational day on the water! 

What's the Best Time of Year to Fish?

I offer fishing charters year round as long as there isn't ice on the water! Here's a breakdown of fishing conditions by time of year:​

December through March:

Fishing Difficulty: Hard

Seasonal Pattern: Wintertime fishing

Best Times of Day to Fish: Noon to Afternoon (When it's warmest outside)

Notes: Wintertime fishing can be cold and tough, but if the weather cooperates and there's no ice on the water it can be a great time of year to catch big bass and avoid boat traffic. If you're up for the challenge, dress warm and let's go fishing for some bass in their wintertime haunts!

April through early May:

Fishing Difficulty: Medium

Seasonal Pattern: Prespawn

Best Times of Day to Fish: Noon to Afternoon (When it's warmest outside)

Notes: Bass tend to be the most aggressive during prespawn. Fish caught during this season tend to be heavier than average as they feed and move up shallow towards their spawning grounds. Be prepared to potentially face some cold weather conditions though! Although the fishing can be a little bit tough, I sometimes tend to catch more fish per trip during this season than any other time of year.

Late May through early June:

Fishing Difficulty: Easy

Seasonal Pattern: Spawn

Best Times of Day to Fish: Morning and afternoon

Notes: Here in PA, we can't sight fish for spawning bass on their beds but we can absolutely keep fishing for them! The bite can be very good this time of year since bass become very aggressive and territorial as they prepare to spawn.

Late June:

Fishing Difficulty: Medium

Seasonal Pattern: Postspawn

Best Times of Day to Fish: Early morning, afternoon

Notes: After bass finish spawning, they become difficult to catch for a short period of time. During the postspawn season, the fishing can be kind of tough for a couple of weeks as fish recover from the spawn before the summertime pattern enters in full swing. 

July Through Early September:

Fishing Difficulty: Easy

Seasonal Pattern: Summertime

Best Times of Day to Fish: Early morning, late afternoon, night

Notes: During the summertime season, bass can be found all around the lake in different types of cover and structure. This is my favorite time of year to do fishing charters because we typically catch a lot of fish this time of year and we get to use various different techniques. The warm weather makes fish active and they're simply focused on survival and feeding. Break out the sunscreen and let's go wet a line!

Late September through November

Fishing Difficulty: Hard

Seasonal Pattern: Fall transition

Best Times of Day to Fish: Morning, afternoon

Notes: While fall can be a great time to catch active and feeding bass while also getting away from the boat traffic, it often proves to be the most difficult season of the year for fishing. The scenery on the water this time of year is absolutely stunning and we'll be trying to catch big bass while everyone else starts worrying about football and hunting!

Have Any More Questions?

Give us a call/text at (267) 730-3203 or email us at

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