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Meet Your Guide, Captain Anthony Awgul

"My name is Captain Anthony Awgul from Quakertown, Pennsylvania and I want to thank you for visiting the Awgul Fishing website! 


Fishing is more than just a hobby for me. For the last 23 years, it’s been my obsession and now it's my livelihood. Spending time out on the water is one of my favorite things to do, but I've learned that nothing is more gratifying than sharing my passion and experience with others. That's why I founded my company, Awgul Fishing. Our mission is to equip anglers with top-notch fishing equipment, education, and experiences to help them make memories on the water that will last a lifetime.

I'm most recognized for creating Pennsylvania's premier trophy bass fishing guide service on Lake Nockamixon. I use my 23 years of fishing experience to custom tailor guided fishing trips for customers of all ages and experience levels while operating full-time 5-7 days per week conducting about 300 trips per year. Over many years, I've helped hundreds of clients catch giant trophy bass over 5 pounds in Pennsylvania and I've helped thousands of others learn how to become more successful and consistent anglers long-term.

I've also designed and developed Awgul Fishing's complete line of top-quality fishing lures, tackle, and merchandise. I rely on this gear every day on the water to ensure that my clients and I are consistently successful. 

In January 2024, I published a book titled, "Catch More and Bigger Bass." In this 199 page book, I share the proven process that I developed over two decades to help people catch  more and bigger bass. The extensive knowledge, findings, and insights about bass fishing that I share in this book will surely help you become a more successful and consistent angler!

Lastly, I've created the Lake Nockamixon Fishing School to help local anglers learn how to become more successful on my home lake that I spend so much time on. I also write free local fishing reports and publish YouTube videos and blog entries online to entertain and educate anglers.


I invite you to put our fishing equipment, education, and experiences to the test. I'm sure with our products and services, you'll experience more bass fishing success and consistency long-term. Thank you for trusting Awgul Fishing to help you make memories on the water that will last a lifetime. Tight lines!"

-Anthony Awgul

Owner of Awgul Fishing

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