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Scott L. - Lake Nockamixon

"Awgul Fishing is top notch. My son and I chartered a bass fishing trip with Anthony on Lake Nockamixon, and we were certainly not disappointed. Early in the morning, we were put on a topwater bite, caught some bass with nice blowups, and consistently had bites throughout the day. My son and I both ended up catching our PB’s that day as well, with a 5.7 lber as the largest.


Anthony’s rates are excellent, and well worth it for the full day of fishing and catching you’ll get. Anthony was fun to fish with, feeling like we were old friends on the boat together. He coached us along, provided pointers, but didn’t micro-manage us to be sure the fish we caught were on our own merit. There was plenty of room on his boat for us to fish comfortably. Not once did we feel like we were getting into each other’s way.


My son and I talk about this trip all the time and are looking forward to booking another one with Anthony. I cannot say enough nice things about Anthony. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to catch some bass. Book a trip with Awgul Fishing and you won’t be disappointed."


Jacob Z. - Blue Marsh Lake

"Fishing with Anthony is top tier. Top tier gear and boat, not to mention his knowledge of the fishing waters. We started the charter early and ended it late, as we found the hot bite right at the end after a slower pick at the bass all day. Super nice guy with outrageously low prices. He’s not interested in making money off you he’s interested in getting you out on the water and showing you how much of a great time the sport of bass fishing is. Look nowhere else to fishing your eastern PA lakes."


Wayne N. - Blue Marsh Lake

"My son (12 yrs/old) and I had an outstanding experience with Anthony on Blue Marsh Lake. He was patient with us newbie’s to bass fishing and did a great job teaching my son the basics of using a bait caster setup. Highly recommend."


Chris G. - Blue Marsh Lake

"Anthony was amazing. Extremely patient and accommodating. We will book again soon."


Caleb M. - Lake Nockamixon

"Had an awesome time out on the water! Awgul Charters always puts us on the big fish!"

Mike W. - Lake Nockamixon

"Had a great time today on the boat with Anthony. He is very knowledgeable about bass fishing and lake Nockamixon. Very personable and a great sense of humor. Highly recommended for your guided fishing trip. We will be back again!
Thanks Anthony for a great day of fishing!"

Steve B. - Lake Nockamixon

"Excellent fishing guide highly recommended will definitely fish with again"

Sarah O. - Lake Nockamixon

"Husband and father in law had a wonderful experience! Would definitely recommend and they are looking forward to next time."

Eric E. - Lake Nockamixon

"I recently went on a fishing charter with Awgul Fishing and it was absolutely fantastic! I can't say enough good things about the experience. From start to finish, everything was top-notch and I would give this charter a 5-star rating without hesitation.

Firstly, Anthony was amazing. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and went out of his way to ensure that my son and myself had a great time. He is incredibly patient and made the trip enjoyable and memorable.

The boat itself was also fantastic. It was clean, well-maintained, and had all the necessary equipment for a successful day of fishing. It was also very spacious, which was great for those of us who like to move around while fishing.

As for the fishing itself, it was incredible! I caught my first fish on the Nock, after being skunked my first three visits. Anthony really knew where to go and what to do to make the most of our time on the water.

Overall, I would highly recommend this fishing charter to anyone looking for a great day out on the water. Anthony, his boat, and the fishing experience were all top-notch, and I can't wait to book another trip with him in the future. Five stars all around!"

Paul C. - Lake Nockamixon

"Great guy he makes you feel like you are friends fishing together we had a good time he has a great boat the only thing is he does a little to much fishing he should put his customers on the fish and sit back and let them fish and guide them like a charter captain does othe then that the day was great 👍 I will definitely be fishing again with him"

Lily S. - Lake Nockamixon

"We all Loved it! Awesome experience for the kids and parents. Strongly recommend.
Thank you 😊!"

Dan M. - Lake Nockamixon

"Absolutely perfect day for fishing. Anthony is a great guide to Lake Nockamixon. We learned so much about patterns of bass during different times of year and conditions. I highly recommend having Anthony give you a great fishing experience like we got."

Ray J. - Blue Marsh Lake

"Had an absolutely awesome time with Anthony on Blue Marsh. I learned so many new and interesting locations on the lake that I will be able to use in the future."

Brad C. - Lake Nockamixon

"Had a good time on the lake with Anthony. Easy to book, good communication, professional."

Blair V. - Lake Nockamixon

"Anthony is a great guide very knowledgeable in fishing. We are booking a second trip"

James G. - Blue Marsh Lake

"Excellent guide very knowledgeable and answered all our questions regarding lures and types of techniques used while fishing Blue Marsh Lake. We had a great day on the water and learned a lot about the lake. Highly recommend Awgul Fishing! Thanks Anthony!"

Trent L. - Blue Marsh Lake

"You gotta go! You will love the experience. Anthony makes the event an epic time to remember. Definitely will be returning."

Jonathan C. - Lake Nockamixon

"Anthony was a great to work with. He put us on fish even when the fish were hard to come by. Anthony knows his craft and loves to get fish on the boat."

Andrew D. - Beltzville Lake

"Anthony was fabulous! Our group was myself, my 11 year old son, and my wife who hasn't fished since childhood. Anthony did a phenomenal job explaining why we went to certain areas, and what to look for to find fish. We had a wonderful day and will be booking again!"

Michael T. - Lake Nockamixon

"My Brother Chris and I had a Great time with Anthony. Caught a load of fish, laughed our butts off and it was a Beautiful day. You couldnt ask for for a better day!!! Making a reservation for Sept right now!!! Thank you AA!"

Josh M. - Lake Nockamixon

"Great guide with some many little tips that can really improve your fishing would highly recommend"

Michael G. - Beltzville Lake

"I’ve never had a guide before, and I’ve been fishing the Nock almost all my life, like Anthony. However, since I have been fishing that lake, I wanted to finish Beltsville with a guide that has been there, because my family has had a cabin up in split rock for a long time many years ago. So I went out with Anthony with my wife Kathy and we had an absolute blast with Anthony! He is the absolute best guide I have met, although only one that I have met, I don’t care. Anthony has proved that he has very much professional fishing experience and knows what wars to use in certain situations and he knows where to go because he knows these waters which is experience. You don’t want someone taking you out on the water that they do not know. Let me tell you… Anthony knows these waters! He knew right where to go, we saw fish, he caught fish, but I did not, and I attribute that to the coming cold front that was four days prior to my visit to Beltsville.
Key take away… Anthony Awgul is a top shelf, professional fisherman that deserves the upmost respect and appreciation for his service. Because it is top shelf. He has the most best equipment available, and he knows these waters. He knows where to go. I would not go out fishing with anyone else besides Anthony Awgul! I am already scheduling the first trip in the spring with him!
Michael gordon
Huntingdon Valley, PA"

Greg A. - Lake Nockamixon

"Had an awesome time fishing with Anthony. His knowledge of bass fishing as well as where to fish in the lake is invaluable to get the most out of a day on the water. Very affordable chartering rates considering his new, professional equipment and boat making it an even better experience. Not being a frequent fisherman myself I enjoyed the day on the water hearing his fishing stories and tips to help me catch more and bigger bass on our trip. Highly recommend a day on the water with Anthony, you won't be disappointed!"

Wayne H. - Lake Nockamixon

"Anthony is a great guide that really seems to enjoy sharing his knowledge. It was a tough four hours of fishing but we did manage to catch one 4+ pound smallmouth. I highly recommend going with him if you want a great experience on Lake Nockamixon."


Victoria T. - Lake Nockamixon

"Anthony was a great guide! Really kind and patient with my kids- definitely recommend!"


Randy S. - Lake Nockamixon

"We had an absolute BLAST on the water today! Anthony Awgul was an awesome guide and we learned a lot about the lake, great locations and how to fish them. We’ll definitely be on his boat in the future!"

James P. - Lake Nockamixon

"Awesome experience. We did Nockimixon. Anthony was willing to teach and answer any questions we had. Will be booking him again very soon!"

Justin S. - Lake Nockamixon

"Anthony is a great guide. Great communication, well informed. Knows his craft. Will surely be back. Thanks again!!"

James M. - Lake Nockamixon

"Anthony was a great option for our fishing trip fun and informative."

Joshua S. - Lake Nockamixon

"Great experience fishing with Anthony! He it an outstanding guide."

Bob C. - Lake Nockamixon

"Great trip, Anthony put us on the fish."

Lori M. - Lake Nockamixon

"Anthony was awesome! We had a great time and made memories that will last a lifetime. Anthony was very patient with our kids and didn't hesitate to teach them about various aspects from the actual fish down to the fish finder on the boat. I would not hesitate to book another charter with Anthony. I highly recommend his charter service if you are looking for a relaxed, calm, and all around great experience!"

Robert C. - Lake Nockamixon

"Anthony was extremely knowledgeable about lake Nockamixon; fish species, lake terrain as well as the unique features to the lake. Anthony was more than willing to share his knowledge to enhance my fishing experience. Definitely fishing with Anthony in the near future."

Stan D. - Lake Nockamixon

"Anthony was very knowledgeable and informative on all aspects of Bass fishing at Nockamixon Lake . The boat itself was awesome and the whole experience comes highly recommended. .."

Brian B. - Lake Nockamixon

"Went out with Anthony this past weekend. Such an awesome guy and full of knowledge. Gave us a lot of great tips and we had a real successful day. What was supposed to solely be a bass trip turned into a plethora of different species including largemouth bass, perch, and a nice pickerel. Anthony had every type of rod and lure ready to go so we could attack the day from every angle. Would highly recommend!"

Steve C. - Lake Nockamixon

"My boy's and I recently went on a guided trip with Anthony on Lake Nockamixon. It was a little cool and started off slow. He was a great guide very knowledgeable of the lake. The day turned into a beautiful day. The lake definitely has some big bass"

David G. - Blue Marsh Lake

"knowledgable guide. He loves what he does!"

Matt W. - Lake Nockamixon

"Had a great time learning how to fish nockamixon with Anthony. Dude knows what he is doing. Highly recommend."

Spencer G. - Blue Marsh Lake

"Such a great experience. Provided a great opportunity to get out with some friends and brothers and connect for a day while fishing on Blue Marsh. I’d highly recommend!"

Cheryl T. - Blue Marsh Lake

"Sent husband on an excursion with Anthony to Blue Marsh. Hubby had a great time. Anthony was great and showed many spots and techniques. We would highly recommend Anthony for a guided trip.."

"T V" - Lake Nockamixon

"Great day of fishing with Anthony on Lake Nockamixon. Would highly recommend his services. He’s knowledgeable, professional and friendly as well. An overall great experience!"

Brian S. - Lake Nockamixon

"Anthony is very knowledgeable about fishing. I learned some things that I am able to take with me. He is very patient and takes his time explaining anything you ask him. Would absolutely do it again!"

Laslo R. - Lake Nockamixon

"Great guy! Very knowledgeable about Bass fishing. I learned a lot about fishing lake Nockamixon. It's not always about catching fish its about learning new techniques and learning a lake. The fish don't always cooperate all of the time. That's why it's called fishing. I highly recommend him as a guide. Will book for the sping!"

Neil C. - Lake Nockamixon

"Awesome experience with awgul! Very informative and professional. Caught my PB with this guy."

Vera N. - Lake Nockamixon

"Anthony helped me catch my first fish and taught me so much about fishing! Highly recommend booking a fishing charter with Anthony."

"Adventurer593417" - Blue Marsh Lake

"Had an awesome time with Anthony. Learned a lot of new areas to fish for other tournaments for later use."

Bob C. - Lake Nockamixon

"Anthony put us on the bite. Great trip. We will be back. Thanks for a great trip. 20 fish boated. PB large mouth and big pickerel"

Greg A. - Lake Nockamixon

"I went with Anthony from Awgul Fishing Charters to Blue Marsh Lake in March. He was great. His Crestliner was outfitted with the latest technology and comfortably fit three people to fish. Anthony was very forthcoming with his knowledge about the lake. While going along the banks he explained transitions and techniques to use while fishing. He took us to many places on the lake to fish. He even showed me a way to get a treble hook out of my finger(worked great). Anthony far exceeds a five star rating and I highly recommend him for a guided trip to any of the lakes he goes to."

Sawyer L. - Lake Nockamixon

"My dad and I booked a trip with Anthony Awgul on Lake Nockamixon. Anthony was very knowledgeable, friendly and respectful towards us as well as the fishery. Anthony was also extremely patient with me as I had questions throughout the day that he gladly answered with great detail. Anthony put me in the right location so that I could catch my brand new PB largemouth (almost 4 lb) and catch a few more bass on topwater. If you are looking to catch big fish at Nockamixon, I highly recommend Anthony Awgul!"

Greg A. - Beltzville Lake

Anthony R. - Lake Nockamixon

Scott L. - Lake Nockamixon

Gail S. - Lake Nockamixon

"Best bass fishing experience you could ever hope for."

Mallorie M. - Lake Nockamixon

Bethany N. - Marsh Creek Lake

Mike M. - Lake Nockamixon

Nick H. - Lake Nockamixon

Ryan G. - Lake Nockamixon


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