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As a full-time professional fishing guide in Southeast Pennsylvania, Anthony Awgul has designed and developed his own complete line of proven, high-quality, effective, durable, and simple bass fishing lures and tackle to help him and his clients catch fish in virtually any situation they may encounter on the water. Now you can access this complete arsenal of lures & tackle to make your own memories on the water that will last a lifetime!

Awgul Fishing All Lures and Tackle
Awgul Fishing Swimbaits
Awgul Fishing Jerkbaits
Awgul Fishing Vibrating Jigs
Awgul Fishing Jigs
Awgul Fishing Terminal Tackle
Awgul Fishing Fishing Lure Kits
Awgul Fishing Crankbaits
Awgul Fishing Topwaters
Awgul Fishing Spinnerbaits
Awgul Fishing Soft Plastics
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