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Heavy Flipping Hook (3 pack)


The Awgul Fishing Heavy Flipping Hook is a premium option for heavy Texas Rigs or Punching Rigs! Consisting of a black nickel finish, this heavy wire straight shank hook is extra strong and is finished extra sharp with a premium molded bait keeper. Try an Awgul Fishing Heavy Flipping Hook today and start making memories on the water that will last a lifetime!



-Size: 3/0 or 4/0

-Quantity: 3

-Finish: Black Nickel


Accompanying Texas Rig & Punching Rig Gear:

-Awgul Fishing Tungsten Bullet Weight

-Awgul Fishing XL 1 oz Tungsten Bullet Weight

-Awgul Fishing Bobber Stopper (6 pack)


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