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Lake Nockamixon Fishing Report May 2024

Hey everyone, Captain Anthony Awgul here! As part of my mission to help people catch more and bigger bass, I post free Nockamixon fishing reports at the beginning of each month from April through November as I guide on this lake full-time. Also, if you're interested in extra detailed weekly Nockamixon fishing reports and monthly livestreamed Nockamixon fishing seminars, be sure to subscribe to, "The Nockamixon Fishing School" by visiting

May 2024 has been an unbelievable month of fishing. It's apparent that Lake Nockamixon is alive and well. Not only has the fishing been great, but vegetation is growing in thick and abundantly. We ended May 2024 with 8 bass over 5 pounds, 3 bass over 6 pounds, and 1 giant bass over 7 pounds. Not to mention we've caught exceptional quantities of fish ranging from 3-5 pounds!

A 5 pound bass caught from Lake Nockamixon
A 5 pound bass caught from Lake Nockamixon

On Lake Nockamixon, we typically average 2-5 bass caught per guided trip. However, this May the fishing has been incredible and we've been averaging 10-20 fish per trip with several days over 30 bass caught and immediately released!

We experienced bass in three different seasonal patterns throughout the entire month of May; there were prespawn, spawning, and postspawn bass being caught all month long. We saw large waves of fish move up shallow to spawn during the first week of May as well as the week of the full moon (The fourth week of May). Although we've been seeing occasional postspawn bass throughout the month, we started seeing almost entirely postspawn bass during the last couple weeks of May.

A postspawn largemouth bass caught from Lake Nockamixon
A postspawn largemouth bass caught from Lake Nockamixon

There were a variety of baits that produced incredible results this past month. Our go-to bait for finding prespawn and spawning bass has been the Awgul Fishing 7" Grumpy Glide Bait. When we found fish or identified key spawning areas, a Wacky Rigged or Texas Rigged Awgul Fishing 5" Silly Stick Worm was the deal. Towards the end of the month as the spawn concluded and as vegetation continued growing thicker, a 4" Awgul Fishing Clumsy Craw rigged on a punching rig has been key and we finished the month catching several postspawn fish on the Awgul Fishing Freaky Frog. In addition to the shallow bite, we started catching fish offshore again with a variety of finesse presentations in water 7' to 15' starting in the middle of May. However, we didn't catch any bigger fish out deep this month. This should change soon!

A largemouth bass caught from Lake Nockamixon on the 7" Awgul Fishing Grumpy Glide Bait
A largemouth bass caught from Lake Nockamixon on the 7" Awgul Fishing Grumpy Glide Bait

With almost the entire bass population finished spawning now, I expect the first week or two of June to be a time of transition into the fish's summertime patterns. We've already started seeing bass moving from their shallow spawning grounds to their main lake feeding areas. However, don't forget that on Lake Nockamixon, bass can usually be found shallow year round too!

As a reminder, we're still in Pennsylvania's "No Harvest Bass Season" until Saturday June 8th. That means that all bass must be caught and IMMEDIATELY released until the season opens again. Also, visibly targeting bass on spawning beds is illegal and it's forbidden to make intentional and repeated cast to visible bass during this no harvest season. Please be kind to our spawning bass and be sure to immediately release them unharmed.

Stay tuned for my Lake Nockamixon Fishing Report for June that will be posted at the beginning of next month. In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to The Nockamixon Fishing School at and book your guided fishing trip with me as soon as possible! We're already booking out until September, so be sure to get a spot on my calendar so we can target giant late summer or fall bass! Book now online at or call/text me at (267) 730-3203.

Tight lines and I'll see you out on the water!

-Captain Anthony Awgul

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